Review of Brand New Volkswagen Jetta 2020


Volkswagen’s redesigned Jetta totally, now they may be proud of it for sure. Even other more expensive and popular brands like Lexus or BMW won’t beat Volkswagen this year. We wanna mention, that This vehicle goes rather similar to such models Like Audi A3 or 4, we would emphasize that this car has the same platform as A3 and A4, also a whole manner of mechanics and electrics. Customers who do not chase for brands will choose a cheaper option for sure, ‘coz for such a great price you will get the same perfect car.

2020 Toyota Tundra Tough Review


Let’s find out what beast is it 2020 Toyota Tundra? 

2020 is a year of changes and Toyota is a headliner of changes. Toyota will start 2020 year with its brand new Tundra in SX package. All we know for now that price will be 47 000 USD, and that it will have 18-inches black wheels, a black front, and something more. Other details we just can imagine, but it will be something special for sure.