Car Review: Volkswagen Jetta 2019


Volkswagen’s reworked Jetta has the goods to make even the Audi A3 envious. At some point, Audi is going to lose it on Volkswagen. Rest assured, the middle child will someday soon throw a tantrum on the mother corp, and there’s little doubt Audi has a compelling argument for Judge Judy. Audi has every right to be miffed at Volkswagen over the 2019 Jetta: The new car comes substantially close to Audi’s own A3 and A4, even sharing the same platform with the A3 and Q3, as well as a whole manner of mechanical bits and electrics. Buyers who don’t care if their jeans are Wrangler or Levis will undoubtedly opt for the cheaper option, essentially getting a base Audi for half price.