Car Review: Volkswagen Jetta 2019


Almost. No, there’s not a lot of cachet in owning a Jetta, made worse in years past by savage cost-cutting that lowered the Jetta’s appeal to a level where thieves wouldn’t steal them. The design was bland, the engine old and lumpy, the interior so drab and unhappy. The only reason anyone drove a Jetta was because they were forced to by court order. However, the 2019 Jetta breaks free from those cuffs. VW couldn’t completely eat its stylish Audi young, so the new Jetta maintains a highly conservative look. The Jetta’s trout-like snout and creased sheet metal won’t be something pre-teen boys will fantasize about. But the overall package, starting at just over $27,500 for the top-line Execline model (with a manual transmission) is so well-sorted and well-equipped, it marks the comeback of a nameplate that began in 1979.