New Ford Ranger 2019 Midsize Pickup Truck


It should be noted up front that the new Ranger is most definitely a mid-size pickup, much larger than the old compact Ranger we knew, and it’s nearly the same size as a mid-1990s Ford F-150. Looking at the new truck, however, it’s not all that apparent what’s changed to accommodate U.S. buyers. It looks mostly the same as the global truck, with some slightly different headlights, grilles, taillights and a taller hood. It comes in two cab styles, SuperCab (extended cab) and SuperCrew (four full doors), but one wheelbase, which means two bed lengths will be present depending on cab style. What differentiates the North American Ranger from the global model is the bumpers: Ours are steel and are mounted directly to the frame for superior durability and crashworthiness. This is a class exclusive for the Ranger.