New Ford Ranger 2019 Midsize Pickup Truck


A new low-speed off-road cruise control (similar to Toyota’s Crawl Control) is also standard on four-wheel-drive models. Called Trail Control, it engages at speeds from 1 to 20 mph and can be slowed to a new speed (instead of disengaged) by applying the brake. It’s meant to enable the driver to concentrate on the terrain instead of varying the throttle over terrain like a two-track dirt trail through the woods. The Ranger’s suspension is a dual A-arm with coil springs in front with a solid Dana rear axle with leaf springs in back. A locking rear differential and a new fully boxed frame will be unique to the North American model. Steering is electrically power-assisted, but the novel Ford Pro Trailer Backup Assist is not yet available (Ford says it’s under development for the Ranger).