2019 Tesla Model 3 – Review


2019 Tesla Model 3 on the road. In entry-level form, the Tesla Model 3 has a claimed range of 220 miles, can accelerate from 0-60mph in 5.6sec and goes onto a top speed of 130mph. However, we tried the Long Range Battery version, which can cover up to 310 miles between charges, sprint to 60mph in 5.1sec and hit 140mph. Power comes from a single electric motor mounted at the rear of the car. And because all of its torque (307lb ft) is available instantly, the Model 3’s acceleration is both brisk and seamless. Fortunately, you can adjust the sensitivity of the accelerator, along with the strength of the regenerative braking, where the energy that is usually lost when you lift off the accelerator is instead used to put some charge back into the battery, with the side effect that the car slows dramatically.